A Poppy's Place

On-site and community activities, classes and day programs

Following a major change in life such as losing a spouse many seniors tend to isolate and lose contact with family, friends and neighbors. They become disinterested when it comes to their social lives. One way of easing a loved one back to normal or into a new environment is encouraging them to participate in a class or some sort of fun activity.

A Poppy’s Place hosts scheduled classes, such as cooking, exercising, dancing, hand crafts, drawing and painting. These classes are frequently coupled with community outings, games and movies, fishing and other outdoor excursions. Trips to gamble or stare at dinosaur bones, mountain outings or visits to the a local art galleries are also available. Pool and ping-pong tournaments are a daily routine for those willing to take on the challenge. While introducing new and creative social outlets for loved ones, our classes and day programs afford at-home
care-givers “getaway days” of their own.

Social Networking for people with shared interests

Social networking is bigger than ever. Learning how to navigate the Internet and interact on social networks can be a rewarding activity. It can provide your loved ones gratifying social interactions and the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests, as well as reconnect with old friends, and keep in touch with family. There is a tremendous boom of seniors who have taken to social networking, and it has been shown to re-spark social ambitions and interests that may have diminished over the years.

“Facebook”, “Twitter”, and senior specific sites are sometimes intimidating or unavailable because of lack of a computer. Once there is a familiarity with the technology, though, it can be a wonderful activity, and a great way to keep in touch with both immediate and extended family and friends on a daily basis.

Poppy’s offers one on one instruction if your loved one wants to chat
on Facebook, share photos, or “Tweet”. 

We are in the process of setting up our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Soon you will be able to network with us!

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