A Poppy's Place

A Poppy's Place provides many options in caring for your parent or family member.

In-home Care:

When a parent or family member experiences health problems or safety concerns arise, providing in home care is one of the best ways to introduce a loved one to the assisted care concept. It provides a spring-board for higher levels of care while maximizing independence for longer periods of time.

At Poppy’s we work closely with reputable licensed agencies to provide care for families with this need. 

Post-rehab and Skills Building:

Following a hospitalization, Medicare recipients are eligible to receive up to 100 paid days of rehabilitation services in a participating Skilled Rehab center or Nursing facility. (See www.longtermcarelink.net/eldercare/medicare for more details). 

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the 100 days doesn’t always happen. Federal guidelines for paid days require recipients to progress with their therapies to certain goals determined at the beginning of the stay. 

For example, someone with a hip replacement may have to walk 100 yards before discharge. Should that individual reach maximum improvement and plateaus before that goal is met, the rehab facility is mandated to discharge under Medicare guidelines. Options are to return  home with follow up care or stay in an expensive rehab setting at personal cost.

At Poppy’s we offer opportunities to rehab from hospitalizations and nursing facility care with 24/7 protective oversight in a home like setting.  

Our professional alliance with outstanding physical and occupational therapists maximizes prospects for achieving independence when the goal is to return home or move on to a more independent setting such as a retirement community.

Emergency Respite Care

No one is immune to the unexpected. As primary caregivers or responsible family members, we may require assistance in caring for a parent or loved one when an unpredicted life event occurs.

At Poppy’s Place we are able to provide care for short periods of time and on short notice.  Our social workers can also connect you with other highly regarded facilities when we are unable to meet this need. Our goals are always the safety and well-being of individuals requiring care.

Visiting Physicians, Nurses and Therapists

Arranging transportation for family members or loved ones to and from medical appointments can be cumbersome for those responsible.

To meet this need, Poppy’s Place works closely with Senior Care of Colorado and Tender Loving Care Home Health providers.  Our residents receive prompt professional attention from physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and therapists in the privacy of our facility. 

Individual, group and family counseling

The emotional effects of introducing outside care or moving a parent or loved one into a care setting can be extremely stressful. While hundreds of books and publications offer guidelines on choosing caregivers, few address the impact such decisions have on a loved one. 

Although many of these sources are excellent, there is no substitute for talking things through with a third party specialist. Having a clear understanding of the challenges involved and a viable direction for resolution are the first steps toward successful intervention with anyone in need of care.

Poppy’s Place offers individual, group and family counseling with qualified social workers and therapists. Classes are also scheduled on an as-needed basis with guest speakers and placement specialists to answer questions about types of care available and about care facilities in Colorado.

Transitional Care

When the goal is that a parent or loved one return to their current living arrangement, transitional care can be arranged through Poppy’s Place. This may be in the form of part or full time care until the parent or loved one regains the strength and skills to live independently.

Couples with different needs accommodated

Frequently couples have different care needs.  One is more independent than the other.  Keeping couples together in large facilities may mean placing individuals in different areas or levels of care.  This can prove to be very expensive and sometimes impractical.

At Poppy’s, every effort is made to keep couples together in a home like setting with an eye to meeting both individual’s needs. 
When one member of the couple is suffering from diminished capacity (physical, mental, or emotional), activities and social opportunities may be best accommodated in house. For the more independent party, activities and classes outside of Poppy’s may be arranged as desired. 

Our basic services always include compassionate assistance with:

  • Bathing and hygiene
  • Dressing
  • Medications monitoring
  • Meals and snacks
  • Ambulation
  • Day to day activities
  • Incontinence management
  • Transportation arrangements

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